BBO Bridges

The BBO BRIDGES Programme is designed to meet the criteria of the European Social Fund’s (ESF) Investment Priority.  GSCC are working in partnership to ensure active inclusion which aims to tackle the root cause of poverty and barriers that prevent disadvantaged groups entering the labour market.

The project aims to engage with adults within families, deemed furthest removed from the job market by introducing a range of diverse engagement opportunities, including learning activities. The activities will enable both the principle adults within each household to aspire – as well as any dependants. 

We are seeking to engage with individuals who meet the following criteria:

Eligibility criteria for BRIDGES project- Employment Support for Over 24s:

Unemployed (cannot be in part time work or zero hours contract), Economically Inactive (including those not working who are claiming benefits other than JSA) Legally resident in the UK and able to take paid employment in European Union member states

Have complex needs/multiple barriers*  which are impacting on being able to enter paid employment. Require support to  fully and independently engage in existing services

*Individuals who are experiencing at least two of the following: mental ill-health; substance misuse; homelessness; and offending or re-offending behaviour. But there are broader definitions that can include other needs within that, such as: domestic abuse; disability; long-term health issues; financial difficulties and isolation.

The target groups include, but are not limited to:

people from BAME communities;

people with disabilities

people with long term health problems

people who are over 50

people who are long term unemployed

people experiencing poverty

people with poor literacy and numeracy

people affected by substance misuse

We are delighted to be one of the project delivery partners and as such we will provide the following:

A tailored support package offering opportunities to gain further understanding and insight into perceived barriers to employment and/or education by offering tailored tools featuring family counselling, both formal and non-formal learning opportunities and valuable work experience and life-long learning opportunities including budgeting and money management.

We will ensure you receive 6 hours of activities within the first 4 weeks, keep an accurate record of your journey through the project.

By the end of your engagement with the entire tailored support package we envisage that you will successfully gain suitable employment and/or engage in further education to support a economically independent lifestyle.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact GSCC for further information.

Click BRIDGES Environmental and Sustainable Development Policy to access the (ESD Policy)